Version 2.6.9
  • New the search for a best price when searching for rooms
  • New added new types of discounts TYPE_DISCOUNT_GUEST: by number of rooms or guests
  • New display of the best price in the tooltip on the check_availability page
  • New automatic search for available rooms
  • New setting 'customer_booking_in_past' for the possibility of reservation of the previous day
  • New tooltip for discount nights (the total of nights reserved)
  • New selection for the best rooms (if the option SHOW_BEST_PRICE_ROOMS is set)
  • New new constant MAX_PRICE_FILTER
  • New new constant MIN_BEDS_USE_FOR_ADULTS
  • New styles to display the print page
  • New new module - tcpdf
  • Enh Securimage (captcha script) upgraded to v3.6.4
  • Enh For horizontal search form new name for field "min. beds"
  • Enh PHPMailer upgraded to 5.2.22
  • Enh Improved display pages check_hotels removed empty blocks
  • Enh Search for the minimum number of beds if is not found the room with the required number of adults
  • Enh In hotel in reviews customer name is First Name + 1st letter o last name
  • Enh The Adults field is now a drop-down list when displaying one hotel in a page check availability
  • Enh Now the error message when changing the reservation date on the booking page is more informative
  • Enh Redesigned list with sorting fields when searching for available rooms
  • Enh Remember the last date of the sample to create a form on the page for detailed viewing of hotels
  • Enh Redesigned discount display (booking)
  • Enh Added total price when sending a email message
  • Enh Now on the dashboard for the administrator displays only orders with the status pending, reserved, and completed
  • Enh Redesigned work "cancellation fee"
  • Enh SEO support for pages whose name is passed through GET parameters
  • Enh A return is made to the booking_result page if there was an login to the customer from this page
  • Enh Incorrectly counted checkout on the pages of the description of the room and the hotel when changing the setting "min rooms"
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.5.9
  • New quick reservation in admin panel
  • New new module DataTables (sorting tables for dashboard)
  • New new filter on Date Created in Bookings page
  • New on room description page, added new field beds, bathrooms and room area
  • New new button "Apply The Filters" for page check_availability
  • New display information about the current reservation of rooms on page check_availability
  • New added to page the invoice new field the "additional info"
  • New added a new type of gallery carousel
  • New comments to the regional manager in bookings
  • New new predefined constant {MESSAGE FOOTER}
  • New widget center-panel
  • New on the page check availability information on cancellation policy
  • Enh implement the setting "Allow Booking in the Past"
  • Enh convert prices at the currency switch
  • Enh all filters in admin panel the type select made from module chosen
  • Enh calendar is translated to different languages
  • Enh displays a message to the number of discounts for guests
  • Enh in the Date Created field now displays the date and time (page Bookings)
  • Enh improved with field additional payment in backend
  • Enh added the current language in the tag (example: )
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.4.3
  • New added possibility to define default contact email and phone and hide hotels contact info
  • New added RTL support to Invoice PDF
  • New integration widget for Car Rental module
  • New rooms visitors counter
  • New block last bookings on homepage and in Customer Account Panel
  • New possibility to define price according to amount of guests
  • New new module Affiliates Management
  • New support for REST API module
  • New new responsive template for Admin Panel (LTR/RTL)
  • New a new type of users regional manager
  • New the ability to add customers for the hotel owner
  • New new menu display style in the admin panel - horizontal or vertical
  • New new tab to set Google Maps Key
  • Enh added customer/admin information on bookings edit/description page
  • Enh allowed sending mass mails by customer preferred language (if template selected)
  • Enh fields validation for empty on Rooms Search forms
  • Enh cancellation feature - from allowed cancellation of pending orders
  • Enh added translation for FAQ module
  • Enh expanded opportunities to work with inactive hotels in the admin panel
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.3.6
  • New added possibility to work with travel agencies
  • New added possibility to pay with balance (for travel agencies)
  • New added possibility to define and use separate gateways for each hotel
  • New added possibility to manage separately admins, hotel owners and car agency owners
  • New added possibility to define number of months that will be shown on room occupancy tab
  • New added possibility to define different types of properties
  • New added new module Reviews
  • Enh added possibility to complete payment for partially paid booking
  • Enh added RTL availability to current template (according to selected language)
  • Enh MySQL db drivers replaced with MySQLi
  • Enh drawing hotel information on side blocks
  • Enh Admin Panel > Bookings Management page
  • Enh in site search added search by hotel name and description
  • Enh changed color for not available rooms on availability calendar
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.2.6
  • New added MySQLi database driver
  • New checkin/checkout info on dashboard
  • Enh translation for some texts
  • Enh removed option All Rooms from ocupancy calendar for multiple hotels
  • Enh security fixes in room prices and availability pages
  • Enh banners management from Admin Panel - now allowed placement in different pages
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.1.9
  • New posiiblity to define packages for specific hotels
  • Enh translation for some texts
  • Fix bugs fixed
Version 2.1.0
Initial Release
Old Versions
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