Is uHotelbooking script absolutely open-source?
Yes, this scripts is 100% open-source, You can use it for yourself or in your projects. You may change or customize it to suit your needs.
Do you provide additional payment solutions?
Yes, we provide implementation of additional gateway payment solutions for $150. It includes in the price:

  • Implementation of the payment system you need
  • Testing new payment solution
  • Updating your existing site or providing new installation
To read more or order additional gateway payment solution CLICK HERE.
Can uHotelbooking script be used on multiple sites/domains?
Yes, but it depends on the edition you purchase: Standard allowes installation on 1 domain, Premium - on 5 domains and Professional - on unlimited domains.
How do you distribute this script?
All editions are distributed under ApPHP uHotelBooking License.
What is the purpose of Copyright Removal License (CRL)?
This license is written for one purpose and one purpose only: it grants you the right to remove our Copyright Information that is present on every single page of the script. This license is of secondary importance to our main license, that everyone receives when purchase uHotelBooking script or any additional modules, componenets of widgets for it.
Can I use this script in commercial (not open-source) applications?
Yes, it can be used in commercial and not open-source scripts.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal payments.
You may pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account (PayPal balance).
  Remember:   No PayPal account is needed to purchases our scripts if you select Credit Card option (look here for detailed instructions).
What are the minimum system requirements for this script?
To install and run our scripts your web server must meet certain minimum requirements.
Most of web hosting companies meet these requirements. In general they are:
  • Web server: Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS.
  • Database: MySQL 4.0 or later.
  • PHP: 5.0 or later.
Detailed information can be found on Requirements page.
How do I get the products, that were ordered by me?
After you place an order, you will receive an email within few minutes. It will contain order number, payment information, your details and purchased scripts in archive. From this moment you could download and use this script. In some cases we reserve the right to change a download link with a mailing of CD/DVD disk to customer's post address (in this case mailing is free of cost).
May I use your products as a trail (try before purchase)?
You may check this script in our Live Demo version. We don't provide any trial versions, because the script is fully open-source. But... you may purchase a Standard edition and then if it meets your needs, you may upgrade it from Standard to Premium or Professional edition just by paying a difference in price.
What is the difference between uHotelBooking and Hotel Site scripts?
uHotelBooking script based on our old Hotel Site script (that is a base script for some other web-applications), it has more features, embedded responsive HTML/CSS template and distributed under another license (not LGPL).
What to do if I cannot run a script?
Post your message on the forum with example of your code or error description or write us.
What to do if I found bug/s?
Post you message on the forum (recommended) or send us e-mail. You may also write us using Contact Us online form. Post you message on the forum (recommended) or send us e-mail. You may also write us using Contact Us online form.