uHotelBooking script provides possibility for script owners to manage your sales channels easily, feeding all channels simultaneously.

We're official partner of Octorate.com company that provides channel manager solutions for hotel booking reservations.

The Channel manager is a platform to manage every online distribution channel (OTAs, GDS/IDSs, Metasearch, Wholesalers, Direct reservations and many moreā€¦). It is developed on a solid cloud-based infrastructure that can be accessed from any mobile device, anywhere. A safe and simple solution to manage availability, pricing, and promotion of your property. And you can also manage every invoicing process directly through Octorate platform.

Read more to understand how to run uHotelBooking script with Octorate Channel Manager. Click to read more...


  • Automate Listing
  • Monitor your Performance
  • Remove Booking Errors
  • Boost your Revenue
  • Put online distribution under control
  • Maximize Property Exposure
  • Manage multiple channels effortlessly
  • Proactively respond to market change
  • Increase occupancy
  • Reduce administrative costs

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